Web Design

We design websites to be modular, scalable and flexible to the needs of a growing business and facilitate the growth of a website.


Our Web Design Process

Content Planning

The very first part of the project is to plan out the content. This will include building a sitemap and developing a style guide outline. This outline will be in the form of HTML so we can start planning out what the types of content we will need on the site.

Design & Development

In this stage we will be focusing on the visual aspect of the site. This includes defining the colors, and typography styles that will be implemented into the site. Typically this will be displayed in the form of pages. We will also implement these designs into the web browser so they can be interacted with.

Testing and Launch

At this point we will test the site and make sure nothing is terribly broken and proceed to launch the site. From that point we will spend a few weeks testing it out on your user base to ensure that everything is running smoothly and make small adjustments as needed.