Branding and Identity

Your brand is how your audience and potential customers perceive your business.

So it is imperative that your brand stands out among others in your market.

To help your brand stand out – first, I learn what everybody else is doing. This means performing extensive user and competitive research. But also diving deep into the current state of your brand.

Outline Goals & Objectives

With specific goals and objectives in mind, I determine the best opportunity for distinct brand positioning.

Through message and visual expression, I breathe life into your brand’s story so that it captures your audience and makes a lasting impression.

Everything you do affects your brand. From start to finish – I continuously reference touch points to ensure consistency in our process and approach.

Logo Design

We’ve all judged a book by it’s cover, so why wouldn’t an audience judge a brand by its logo?

Your brand is more than a logo, but an Ill-designed logo is fundamental to your brand’s identity.

Once equipped with the necessary insight, I’ll craft a logo that’s unique and appropriate. Because your audience interacts with your brand’s visual identity in a variety of spaces (in print, on a sign, online, on a label) – I design with adaptability and growth in mind.

Brand Guidelines

Congratulations! Your new brand identity is born! Now what?

I make sure you have everything you need to use your new identity to its fullest potential. From colors to fonts, to custom icons and patterns – I compile all identity materials in an organized style-guide.