Make the Logo Bigger

How large is too large to make the logo bigger?

If you work in the client services end of graphic design you have most likely seen the request to “Make the Logo bigger.” It’s not even funny to joke about it anymore — it has happened so many times that it has become a meme (someone even wrote a song and music video about this).

Why do clients provide this feedback?

I have a few theories as to why this might happen:

1. Maybe your design just isn’t that great.

If the only thing within the composition that the client likes is their own logo, then of course they want it bigger and more prominent. Sometimes people who don’t design might have a hard time articulating what is wrong with the work as well. If the design doesn’t astonish your client they might see the solution as using the logo to cary the design.

2. It’s the brand.

A client might ask you to increase the size of a logo because “it’s the brand.” Technically the logo is not the brand, but a visual representation of the brand. The issue is not with the client misunderstanding what their brand is, but maybe your design is lacking anything that is unique to the brand. For example: By creating a set of custom illustrations that live across the design. This will help tell the brand’s story in a unique way. With more elements that a brand can own and associate with themselves the need for the logo being large diminishes. And with the lack of unique elements it forces our clients to make the only rational decision to represent their brand, making the logo bigger.

3. The client loves the logo

This one is self explanatory, and usually only happens with smaller clients. In these cases, it is best to mitigate the situation and pick your battles. It really depends on what the context and what the work provided is but it’s best to always educate your clients as much as possible.

4. The logo is too small

Maybe the logo is too small, and you do need to make it bigger. Sometimes we don’t like the logo that we have to design with so we try to diminish it, to make everything else look appealing. In doing this we might make the logo to insignificant and we need the representation to exist. The solution to this is to make it bigger, or use it as an opportunity to pitch your client a new logo.

It’s very seldom that I have someone ask me to make the logo bigger. I have discovered over the years that of this feedback is generally a result of my design. It’s very important to make sure that the work you deliver to your clients will blow them away.